A history of world war ii and the things that happened after it

The war began with the invasion of the Ethiopian Empire also known as Abyssinia by the armed forces of the Kingdom of Italy Regno d'Italiawhich was launched from Italian Somaliland and Eritrea. Both Italy and Ethiopia were member nations, but the League did little when the former clearly violated Article X of the League's Covenant.

A history of world war ii and the things that happened after it

We do know he was born in He suffered a complete breakdown during World War I but earned a medical degree post-war in spite of recommendations he be institutionalized for reasons of insanity. He moved to Villeneuve, France, opened a medical practice, and was even elected mayor.

David King, who wrote Death in the City of Light: Petiot was only captured after police and firefighters investigated a smoking townhouse and found scattered body parts there, and unsurprisingly he was nicknamed Doctor Satan.

He met his end via guillotine in It wasand he dropped out of seventh grade to head off to basic training. He served in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, and said, "I took belts off the dead and made tourniquets for the living. It took until to get benefits and medals returned to his family — he died in He was just one of the so-called Baby Vets who grew up way too soon.

He died when he was 14 years old and serving on the SS North Devon. Gerhard Kretschmar Shutterstock InThe Telegraph reported on the discovery of the name of the 5-month-old baby previously known as "Case K.

He was sent to personally examine the boy, who had been born blind and missing a leg and part of his arm.

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After the doctor administered a drug that eventually led to a drawn-out death, Brandt says the incident was the catalyst for the euthanasia program called T4. Everything about the story is horrible, and it started with a baby who was called "The Monster" by his parents, Richard and Lina Kretschmar.

Les femmes tondues — the shorn women U. National Archives The liberation of towns across France should have been an unconditionally happy day, but for countless women, it turned into days of public humiliation and shaming. Even as Allied troops ousted German presences across the French countryside, what The Guardian called "ugly carnivals" began.

Woman accused of "collaboration horizontale" had their heads shaved in town squares, then were forced into trucks and paraded through the streets.

A history of world war ii and the things that happened after it

In theory, they were being shamed for sleeping with the enemy, for collaborating with Nazi soldiers, and for choosing the wrong side. They were occasionally covered with tar, painted with swastikas, and stripped naked. France was a hotbed of rumors during and after the occupation, and women were accused of acting as undercover operatives and even snipers for their German lovers.

The truth was usually painfully different, and anywhere from an estimated 20, women were essentially victim-blamed for their role in the war. Women paraded through the streets included those who were forced to turn their homes into bunkhouses for German soldiers, and mothers promised food for their starving children in exchange for favors.

There are reports of Paris prostitutes kicked to death for having a German clientele, and according to Vicethe "collaboration horizontale" may have been rape, in some cases.

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The men were captured after the crash of their B Superfortress like the one pictured. Four of the 12 died before they could be captured, and the others were taken to Fukuoka. Slowly, the POWs were escorted to the pathology department of the medical school.

World War II | Results and Aftermath of the War Aftermath of the war. At the end of the war, millions of people were dead and millions more homeless, the European economy had collapsed, and much of the European industrial infrastructure had been destroyed.
World War II for Kids: After WWII Post War Hindenberg issues the Reichstag Fire Decreeit nullified many civil liberties of citizens.

Tono told The Guardian, "I did wonder if something unpleasant was going to happen to them, but I had no idea it was going to be that awful. One man had part of his brain removed to see if it would be an effective treatment for epilepsy.

The bodies were originally preserved in formaldehyde for further study, but evidence of the crimes was destroyed as the war came to a close.

Doctors stood trial, but no one was ever punished. The program officially started in with the opening of a Lebensborn home — complete with decor and prospective mothers hand-picked by Himmler himself — in a little village outside Munich.

There were a few different stages of the program, but the first was the selection of men and women who could prove their racial purity and who were willing to bear a child who would be raised in SS nurseries. Inthe men of the SS were ordered to make as many racially pure babies as they could.

Bythe same men were told they could pick from non-German women, too, as long as they looked the part. As the Nazis expanded their control over parts of Europe, tens of thousands of children who fit their racial ideal were often stolen from their homes and shipped off to be "Germanized" through the same Lebensborn program.

They were told they had been abandoned, were raised into Nazi doctrine, and then either adopted into the families of the SS or deemed lost causes and sent to concentration camps. His body was found in a London warehouse, and his official cause of death was self-administered rat poison.World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from to The vast majority of the world's countries —including all the great powers —eventually formed two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

World War II was the biggest story of the 20th Century, and its aftermath continues to affect the world profoundly more than 65 years later. (This entry is Part 20 of a weekly part. The Aftermath of World War II was the beginning of an era defined by the decline of all European colonial empiress and the simultaneous rise of two superpowers: .

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After Hitler refused to stop the invasion, Britain and France declared war on Germany – World War II had begun. 3. During the course of the war, German forces advanced through Europe Around six million Jewish people were killed during World War 2 in one of history. Many things changed once World War II was over.

A history of world war ii and the things that happened after it

Much of Europe and Eastern Asia had been destroyed by the fighting and bombings that had taken place over many years. Also, many country's borders needed to be set and governments re-established where Germany or Japan had taken over.