Coca cola vending machine case study analysis

The Doomsday Machine goes off and wipes out all human and animal life on the planet.

Coca cola vending machine case study analysis

Oreos - A package of six standard Oreos, in bright blue wrapping, label in Spanish. Current Jolly Ranchers are not known to contain these flavors. Testing was halted temporarily in order to allow Dr.

Hot Pink - Clear plastic bottle, label in English. Carbonated liquid within a brilliant pink color, and proved to be edible, tasting very sweet and tart. Mild sugar high ensued. Flavor identified to be a mix of pomegranate and sour apple.

Found alternative researcher to use it. After injection, subject reported the strong taste of mint, and they smelled constantly of peppermint for the next several hours, apparently coming from sweat and body oils.

Subject reported nausea after the first hour or so of this, due to the constant smell and taste. When plugged into a computer, the computer ran at twice normal speed and refused to react to mouse or keyboard movement, and appeared to be running several instances of the program Minesweeper at once.

Object kept for potential testing with mechanical SCPs. Hollow, filled with liquid white chocolate. Reported to be delicious but a little too sweet.

Notes - More than half of the male staff avoided contact with the thing like it was made out of explosives. It is funny that majority of staff here would prefer to have a picnic with SCP than touching a fucking penis-shaped candy.

Doritos- A bag of Doritos chips, nacho cheese flavor. Hershey's with nuts- A regular-sized bar of Hershey's chocolate with nuts. However, the nuts match with no known species.

Green Apple Frosting- A container of green frosting, with a green apple flavor. Currently not produced by any company. All-dressed- An onion of average size and color.

Cutting into shows that it is made of many layers, each a different color and tasting of a different flavor of chips, including some flavors not produced by Frito-Lay. Unknown- A clear plastic package filled with water, with tiny Manta Ray-like creatures swimming in it.

Attached to it was a blue tablet in a plastic wrapper. When the top was opened and the tablet was added, the water instantly froze with a loud pop.

Coca cola vending machine case study analysis

After the ice block was pulled out of the package, the ice turned to vapor and left behind the creatures, frozen solid. Each was described as having a slightly different flavor. Edible Chess Set - Small edible chess set made from hard candy. Candy similar in taste and texture to Pez; packaging in French.

Nothing unusual about the quality of the milk beyond its packaging. Small label in Japanese. Build-Your-Own Candybots - A small bag containing various mixed parts that could be assembled in different ways to create tiny, candy robots.

Once completed, candy robots began to move on their own for approximately two minutes, walking about aimlessly and bumping into things. Packaging in unknown language. SCP Fruit - Room was evacuated briefly before the item in airtight packaging was sent to be incinerated.

Suppository - Item was not used. Tests run later revealed mint flavoring and a high nutritional value. Packaging in unknown language resembling Greek, complete with diagram of how to use.

Bacon Shirt - A simple T-shirt, dark red in color, in plastic packaging, unknown language. A test revealed the shirt to be edible, wearable, and with a taste similar to bacon.

No side effects from wearing the shirt, beyond a vague smell of bacon.Item Record for SCP Please record any and all anomalous items received from SCP, along with amount of money entered and item description, using the format r-bridal.come items will be made available for personal consumption after scanning and clearance by Site Security.

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Scott Morrow MGT Case #1 1/31/08 Coca-Cola's New Vending Machine Statement of Problem Coca Cola, the world's largest beverage company, has been under a tremendous amount of media scrutiny lately/5(1).

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