Communication technologies

Nonverbal communication Nonverbal communication describes the processes of conveying a type of information in the form of non-linguistic representations. Examples of nonverbal communication include haptic communicationchronemic communicationgesturesbody languagefacial expressionseye contactand how one dresses.

Communication technologies

Specifically, I focused my research on how Facebook is altering the methods users employ to build and maintain a network of friends.

This research was facilitated by a survey of Georgetown undergraduates on their uses of various communication technologies, and especially the internet, in keeping connected with Communication technologies. Both studies focus on digital natives, or those users who have had access to many of these newer communication Communication technologies since a young age: Furthermore, both studies consider the implications of technology on communication.

Therefore, the question that arose in my mind was, do the trends we found in our Pew report among younger teens also apply to young adults? In my survey, I asked respondents about the amount of time they spend on an average day using a variety of communication methods to keep in touch with friends, family and associates.

Conversely, freshmen were twice as likely as upperclassmen to spend more than an hour each day on social networking sites to communicate and more than twice as likely to be spending that much time text messaging on an average day.

A number of possible conclusions could be drawn from these findings.

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Older students may be using formal communication methods more because they are looking beyond college and working on establishing a more professional online network and image.

Younger students may be spending more time on newer technologies because they have, for all intents and purposes, grown up with them, and see these newer methods of communication as both quicker and easier ways of interacting.

When Facebook launched infor example, current college seniors were just finishing up their high school years. Current college freshmen, however, had just begun high school; at this age, text-based gossip and IMing are a virtual institution.

But what does this finding have to do with writing?

Communication technologies

The younger respondents in my survey tend to spend more time each day interacting with others via communication methods that encourage text shortcuts such as abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons. In the college environment, however, these students are unlikely to find sympathy from their professors if such informal writing styles appear in their midterms and exams.

Likewise, these students may have learned in high school about separating their formal and informal writing and do not allow the informal styles discussed in the Pew report to appear in their collegiate writing. Longitudinal research should be conducted in future years to see if the results of these two studies are merely a reflection of a current fad or if the way we write and interact with the different types of people in our social networks is evolving.© Freedom Communication Technologies.

All rights reserved. Telephones also allow for instant communication, and new technology integrates video and Internet. Video of the Day The first telephones, as well as their modern counterparts, consist of a ringer, transmitter, dialer, switch hook, power source and anti-sidetone circuit, all of which have been advanced by new technology.

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For my master’s thesis at Georgetown University, I was interested in how 21st century communication technologies are changing the ways in which people interact with members of their social networks.

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Communication technologies
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