Economic essay competition uk

But the entrance of competition often means that single suppliers have to get up earlier, work harder, stay open longer, reduce prices, take risks, invest more. The desire to be a monopoly is a human condition, because succeed over its rivals is a big challenge. BAA is a monopolist Marketwatch.

Economic essay competition uk

In Austria, for example, most pigs were slaughtered, so at war's end there was no meat. The Western Front quickly stabilized, with almost no movement of more than a few hundred yards.

The greatest Economic essay competition uk expenditure on both sides was for artillery shells, the chief weapon in the war.

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Since the front was highly stable, both sides built elaborate railway networks that brought supplies within a mile or two of the front lines, with horse-drawn wagons used for the final deliveries. In the ten-month battle at Verdun, the French and Germans fired some 10 million shells in all, weighing 1.

Britain paid the war costs of most of its Allies until it ran out of Economic essay competition uk, then the US took over, funding those Allies and Britain as well. The War saw a decline of civilian consumption, with a major reallocation to munitions.

The annual output of artillery grew from 91 guns in to in Warplanes soared from in to inwhile the production of machine guns went from toByBritain was funding most of the Empire's war expenditures, all of Italy's and two thirds of the war costs of France and Russia, plus smaller nations as well.

The financing was generally successful, [9] as the City's strong financial position minimized the damaging effects of inflation, as opposed to much worse conditions in Germany. Most of the energy supplies came from coal mines in Britain, where the issue was labour supply.

Critical however was the flow of oil for ships, lorries and industrial use. There were no oil wells in Britain so everything was imported. Intotal British consumption was million barrels, of which 85 percent was supplied by the United States, and 6 percent by Mexico.

Convoys and the construction of new tankers solved the German threat, while tight government controls guaranteed that all essential needs were covered. Archbold between May and September. The only solution to the crisis lay with increased oil shipment from America. The close working relationship that evolved was in marked contrast to the feud between the government and Standard Oil years earlier.

In andthere was increased domestic demand for oil partly due to the cold winter that created a shortage of coal. Inventories and imported oil from Mexico were used to close the gap. In Januarythe U. Fuel Administrator ordered industrial plants east of Mississippi to close for a week to free up oil for Europe.

Economic essay competition uk

Inthe Royal Navy consumed 12, tons a month, but had a supply of 30, tons a month from the Anglo-Persian Oil Companyusing their oil wells in Persia. They expanded by a third during the war, primarily to produce transports of the sort that German U-boats were busy sinking.

But after the war, employment tumbled as the yards proved too big, too expensive, and too inefficient; in any case world demand was down. The most skilled craftsmen were especially hard hit, because there were few alternative uses for their specialized skills.

Ireland and World War I Ireland was on the verge of civil war in after Parliament voted a home rule law that was intensely opposed by the Protestants, especially those in Ulster.

When the war broke out the law was suspended and Protestants gave very strong support for the war in terms of military service and industrial output. At the outbreak of the war, most Irish people, regardless of political affiliation, supported the war in much the same way as their British counterparts, [22] and both nationalist and unionist leaders initially backed the British war effort.

Their followers, both Catholic and Protestant, served extensively in the British forces, many in three specially raised divisions. OverIrishmen fought in the war, in several theatres with 30, deaths. InCatholic supporters of Irish independence from the United Kingdom took the opportunity of the ongoing war to proclaim an Irish Republic and to defend it in an armed rebellion against British rule in Dublin.

The rebellion was poorly planned and quickly suppressed.

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The British executed most of the prisoners which caused Catholic opinion to surge in favour of independence. Britain's intention to impose conscription in Ireland in provoked widespread resistance and as a result remained unimplemented.

The Asian and African colonies provided large numbers of civilian workers, as well as some soldiers. Over one million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 62, died and another 67, were wounded. Conscription Crisis of and Canadian women in the World Wars Canada was prosperous during the war but ethnic conflict escalated almost out of control.

In terms of long-run economic trends, the war hardly affected the direction or the speed of change. The trajectory of the main economic factors, the business and financial system, and the technology continued on their way. Women temporarily took war jobs, and at the end of the war there was a great deal of unrest among union members and farmers for a few years.Home > Micro-economics > UK Competition Policy > Essays on Competition Policy Essays on Competition Policy Q.

Discuss how the Government tries to prevent the abuse of Monopoly power in the UK? Sep 05,  · Economic growth in the UK has been negative for three successive quarters, according to the latest official statistics, and although Olympics-related spending is expected to .

Economic efficiency – competition will ensure that firms move towards productive efficiency. The threat of competition should lead to a faster rate of technological diffusion, as firms have to be responsive to the changing needs of consumers. Institute of Economic Affairs Essay Competition.

A Canterbury Sixth Former is among the four prize winners in this year’s prestigious national student Dorian Fisher Memorial Prize Essay Competition, organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs, an influential ‘think-tank’ that advocates free market policies for managing the economy and providing public services.

For many years, Peterhouse has been proud to organise the Vellacott History essay competition and the Kelvin Science essay competition was set up in to try to duplicate its success.

In we instituted the Thomas Campion English essay competition, kindly funded by the Friends of Peterhouse. UK Construction: An economic analysis of the sector.

Foreword. In September , BIS Secretary of State Vince Cable announced a review of key strategic sectors to the UK's growth and competitiveness. Construction is one of them.

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