Equal opportunities

It is being applied to increasingly wider areas beyond employment, [9] [13] including lending, [14] housing, college admissions, voting rights and elsewhere. Equal opportunity provisions have been written into regulations and have been debated in courtrooms. The coming President of France is the grandson of a shoemaker. The actual President is a peasant's son.

Equal opportunities

Discriminating against workers because of any of the nine characteristics is against the law.

Equal Opportunity

What This Means For Employees To comply with the terms of the Equality Act, employers must have policies in place and must adhere to certain practices that aim to prevent accident claimsdiscrimination and foster equal opportunities within the organisation. All workers and job applicants must be treated equally and be given the same set of opportunities regardless of their age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, disability, culture or anything other personal characteristic that might be discriminated against.

As a worker, you have a right to: Fair practices and behaviour in the workplace Fair allocations of workloads Equal access to benefits and conditions A workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying at work Competitive merit-based selection processes Equal opportunities recruitment and promotion Fair processes to deal with work-related complaints and grievances If any of these rights are breached or your employment is terminated and you deem it as unfair dismissal an employment solicitor should be able to offer you their expert opinion.

Establishing Equal Opportunities During The Recruitment Stage All employers must follow certain procedures for recruitment to ensure that all applications are treated appropriately and fairly and that, all things being equal, no candidate is rejected because of their age, gender, race, sexuality or any other protected characteristic.

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Equal Opportunity Employer | Definition of Equal Opportunity Employer by Merriam-Webster Resources Careers We are committed to reward and recognize exceptional employee performance and be a choice employer in our community. We strive to provide learning opportunities and training so that our employees are promotable within the bank.

This means recruitment procedures must meet the following criteria: The job description must be set so that all applicants are assessed against the exact same criteria and nothing else.

All questions that are not relevant to the job must be excluded from the questionnaire.

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Applicants should not be asked about their age, race, religion or any other protected characteristic. Female applicants must be treated the same as male applicants. Disabled applicants must be treated the same as applicants with no disabilities.

Pregnant applicants must be treated the same as non-pregnant women. Establishing Equal Opportunities In the Workplace All employers must follow certain procedures in the workplace to ensure that all workers are treated appropriately and fairly and that, all things being equal, no candidate is treated unfairly because of their age, gender, race, sexuality or any other protected characteristic.

Establishing equal opportunities in the workplace may include: Ensuring that all similarly qualified employees have equal access and opportunity to all training and advancement facilities regardless of sex, gender, age or disability.

No employee should be overlooked for training or promotion because of any protected characteristic. Making reasonable adjustments in the workplace to accommodate physically challenged employees. Ensuring that no employee is paid any more or less than any of their colleagues who are equally qualified, equally experienced and performing the same role.

Advertising new roles externally as well as internally so that anyone who meets the qualifying criteria gets the opportunity to apply. Making sure that no employee is dismissed solely because of a personal characteristic. Ensuring that the same rules apply to employees from all religions regarding extra time off during religious holidays.

Every employer should have their own equal opportunities policy in place, which is customised to their organisation.

Equal opportunities

This policy must detail the steps the organisation will take to comply with the equality legislation and promote equality in the workplace. Having a formal policy makes it easier for all employees to know what is acceptable and expected of them as individuals and as part of the organisation.

The Effect Of Equal Opportunities On Companies and Staff When an organisation supports the principle of equal opportunities for all, employees can rest assured that they will not be discriminated against in the workplace.

Employees are more committed to working hard when they know that they have equal opportunities for advancement and there are no barriers to job progression.HONG KONG: THE FACTS Equal Opportunities Commission The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is an independent statutory body set up in to implement the.

The Persons With Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, The PWD Act has been enacted under Article of the Constitution. The programme was developed by an in-house multi-disciplinary team and undergoes regular review and improvement.

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It covers the technical, coordination, integration and communication aspects of day-to-day engineering work. Nov 14,  · Learn more about the world-known education system by watching this video made by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Read more about the education. Guidance about filtering of certain offences from criminal record certificates (DBS checks). Guidelines, forms, compliance for equal employment opportunity in age, sex, color,disability,equal pay,origin,pregnancy,race,religious, sexual harassment discrimination.

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