High school life reality check

One of the first questions we asked: What have I been doing? I've kept in touch with many of my high school friends and seeing them again made me go back to my roots and think about what I was like as a teen and whether I had followed the path I set out on decades ago. I am in a happy place, but I can tell you I never intended on having children.

High school life reality check

Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, will. Directed by Lesley Chilcott. Whether your plans include college, heading straight for the workforce, or taking a year off, here are some practical tips to prepare yourself for the journey.

Going to College Some people know from an early age exactly what they want to be and how they plan to get there. Rachel's dad is a doctor and his love for his chosen career inspired her to follow in his footsteps. Rachel, who is about to start medical school, said she chose her undergraduate program with the idea of medical school in mind.

Not all of us are so sure of our plans, though, and that's OK too. Many people start off in a liberal arts program in college and then decide on a major after a year or two. School is also not just about careers and getting a high-paying job after graduation — it's a place for learning about yourself and the world.

Selecting a School If college is in your future, you need to plan. Which schools appeal to you?

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How are you going to pay for your education? How do you decide on a school when there are thousands to pick from? Start by asking yourself questions about your preferences: What are my strengths? Am I interested in liberal arts or science or business? What kind of learning environment is best for me?

Would I be more comfortable in a small school or would I feel confined? Do I want to stay close to home or live far away?

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Would I prefer to be in a city environment or a small college town? Should I go to a school where athletics are big or where fraternities or sororities rule? Do I like being with people who are mostly like me or do I want to meet a diverse group?

Ask friends and older siblings who are in college about their schools and about other schools they're familiar with. Talk to your school counselor or one of your teachers and go to college fairs when they visit your town. Once you've narrowed down your choices, ask the schools to send you literature.

High School Life: Reality Check Essay Sample

When you've whittled your list down to a manageable number, make arrangements to visit. Try to do this when school is in session so you can get a good idea of what life is really like on campus. You're not the only one making a decision.

Schools are picking from a large pool of applicants. They want to know how well-rounded you are and what makes you stand out from everyone else.

They will look at your grade point average, standardized test scores, class rank, personal essay, and your extracurricular activities — so it's important to dedicate time and effort to all these things. Admissions Options Most schools offer a range of admissions options.

Investigate which of these your favorite schools offer: Regular admissions means that schools mail their decisions in April. Rolling admissions means that a school processes applications as they come in; you can apply at any time, but it's best to be early because spots fill up.

The early-decision option is for students who are really sure about the school they want to attend, and who want to know earlier than April if they have been admitted. There's a drawback to applying under an early-decision option, though: You are promising that school that you'll attend if you're admitted.

Some schools offer an early-action option, which means that students can be admitted early but don't have to attend. Money, Money, Money Don't cross a school off your list just because the tuition is steep.

Ask your school counselor about possible community scholarships. Ask the school's financial-aid office about scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and loans. See if your parents' employers offer scholarships.SANTA FE, Tex.

— This time, it happened during first period. The day after a student went on a shooting rampage at a Texas high school, a Houston-area community grappled with a horrific reality. For 24 years Jeff has wow’d high school and middle school assemblies and leadership conferences with his heart and passionate delivery.

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Visit r-bridal.com to get the latest episodes and TV Airtimes. Life After High School (r-bridal.com) Reality Check > Life After High School. What most schools don't teach. Some retail or hospitality industry organizations offer training programs to high school grads. Check out the possibilities in computing, bookkeeping and payroll, or sales.

Reality Check My older friends told me that high school is where some of the most fun times of my life would take place.

High school life reality check

I was looking forward to getting a car, a license, and being introduced to more freedom. Gracie's Big Secret at Warren Tech North; Arvada West High School Catering Students Create Gingerbread Houses; Warder Elementary Supports Community Members in Need.

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