How the effects of the first world war caused the collapse of the tsarist regime essay

Hire Writer Stolypin was very clever so this reflected badly upon the Tsar. In he abandoned the role of running the country and took control of the army. The army had already been doing terribly and the Tsar made a big mistake by controlling the army, this mistake was a big cause to the collapse of the Tsarist Regime as this lead to many other problems.

How the effects of the first world war caused the collapse of the tsarist regime essay

It was the first war on a large scale that dislocated the political, social, economic and military structures and the whole world.

Every belligerent state bore lasting scars of the terrible ordeal between the years - Its impact will directly and indirectly continue to affect the style and pattern of life of mankind in the universe.

Positive impact i Political freedom The war gave rise to new and independent states on the map of Europe. Rumania also became independent and even acquired Bessarabia from Russia and Transylvania from Austria-Hungary. Most of the newly created states were formerly under the Ottoman Empire.

However, the merging of different nationalities brewed conflict, which led to political instability that characterized the inter-war period. At Versailles, France regained the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine, the works of arts and her flag that were confiscicated by Germany in Italy gained Trieste and Trientino from Austria which were inhabited by Italians but still ruled by Austria.

Austria lost Bosnia and Herzegovinia to the newly created state of Yugoslavia and Slovenia to Czechoslovakia.


These territorial re-adjustments created new boundaries and redrew the map of Europe. The devastations and sufferings of the Great War cautioned the great powers of the necessity to avoid a war of such nature in future.

How the effects of the first world war caused the collapse of the tsarist regime essay

This gave rise to the League of Nations as an international organisation to maintain peace in Europe. This was because the weakness of the International Court of Justice was partly responsible for the outbreak of World War I and its disastrous consequences.

The League of Nations was to diplomatically resolve conflicts and protect the territorial integrity and independence of weaker states as a strategy of creating a lasting peace. After the collapse of the Tsarist regime in Russia, Japan expanded in the east. She took advantage of the eastern markets to strengthen her economy.

ByUSA had supplied the allies with ammunitions and other supplies, which brought her economic prosperity. She also gave loans to states for financing the War and post war recovery from which she reaped a lot of interest after the war. After the war Japan and USA continued their dominance In the supply of manufactured goods to the world.

The chaos and catastrophic effects of the war in Russia created a revolutionary mood against the Tsarist regime led by Tsar Nicholas Consequently, revolutionary leaders like Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky mobilized the Russians in a dual revolution that ended in a communist government on Nov Thereafter, communism spread to Eastern Europe and became a threat to capitalist Western Europe by The negative effects of the war were blamed on conservative and autocratic regimes that were accused of provoking the war.

The Germans blamed the Hohenzollem dynasty, the Russians accused Tsardom, Austrians and Hungarians 'fixed their eyes' on Hapsburg Empire as the Balkan states held the Ottoman Empire responsible for the horrible experience they went through.

By these conservative and autocratic governments were over thrown and replaced by new once. As Germany was on the verge of her final defeat towardsthere was public outcry against Kaiser William II who eventually fled to exile and left a political vacuum in Germany.

European powers like France and Britain were fed up of the autocratic German monarchical government and wanted a republican government in Germany. The British and the French therefore advocated for the establishment of a democratic government similar to those in Britain and France, which would be a puppet government of foreign powers.

This led to the rise and existence of the Weimer republic which transformed Germany from a Monarchy to a democratic state between to The war destroyed investments and properties of wealthy people especially the middle class and landlords in states like Britain and France.

How the effects of the first world war caused the collapse of the tsarist regime essay

The chaotic atmosphere created by the war favoured looting by the poor especially peasants some of whom became rich and moved to the level of middle class.

During the war, people of different social classes and nationalities fled and hid together and shared the same camps, sickbays and hospitals. After the war, it became difficult to differentiate between a peasant and a middle class since the social gap was narrowed by the war.Assess how useful your chosen Source would be for a historian studying the impact of World War One on the Tsar's regime.

In your answer, consider the perspectives provided by the source and its reliability. This was caused by the Tsar’s refusal to adapt to a rapidly changing Russian Empire, thus creating serious social and political grievances.

World War One exacerbated these grievances to the point at which they overpowered all loyalty to the Tsar and destroyed the monarchy.

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Why did the monarchy collapse? The First World War - its huge problems and The immediate cause of the February Revolution of was the collapse of the Tsarist regime under the gigantic. • In August Russia entered the First World War • At first tensions disappeared, Tsar seemed popular with Russian people • Over time the Tsar lost support.

Essay on World War 1: The End of a Regime Through the Destruction of Morale - World War I: The End of a Regime Through the Destruction of Morale Wars can be . How The Effects of the First World War Caused the Collapse of the Tsarist Regime Essay Sample There were many causes of the collapse of the Tsarist regime.

One of the biggest causes, however, was the First World War, as it had many effects on everyone in Russia, who all blamed the Tsar.

The problems and fall of the Tsarist Regime in Russia – Assignment Example