How to write an introduction for a lab report chemistry example

The purpose or problem states the reason s why you are doing the experiment. Write down exactly the problem that will be investigated or experimented.

How to write an introduction for a lab report chemistry example

This is an outline of the experiment. It should clearly state the goals of the experiment and the method s to be employed. It should not go into much detail of the procedure or contain any type of lengthy discussion about the goals or techniques. When known, a balanced equation of the reaction taking place is a vital piece of the lab report and should be included.

This section should be typed. More Created by Conrad T. Pfeiffer, Graduate Student, Temple University, June 10th information on both of these programs can be found at www. Make sure to always label units, equations, and answers. Use tables whenever possible.

Make sure to label all tables and include units. For more information on how to use Excel refer to http: Make sure to label the axis on the graph. If there is more than one data series on a graph make sure you have a key. Always include a trend line and equation and R2 value for the trend line. It should begin with a statement of results.

Also, there should be a statement that reflects the goals from your statement of purpose and if they were accomplished or not. Your data and results should be discussed to answer the following: Why did my results turn out this way?

What errors could have affected my data? What was any new technique sinstrumentation, chemical processes, etc. Why is this experiment important and what does it teach? Also, include any other relevant discussion you feel is important to the experiment or to what you learned.

Do not recap the procedure of the experiment. However, it is ok to use specific procedural examples when discussing error. Make statements and then back them up using data and information.Here are two examples of a lab report.

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Angelica Rodriguez 05/14/13 Period 4 Acid-Base Crime Scene Titration Introduction: Titration is a lab technique used to determine the. exact concentration of an acid or base.

how to write an introduction for a lab report chemistry example

* Write a paragraph (complete sentences) which explains what you did in the lab as a short summary. * You may choose to add details (step-by-step) of your procedure in such a way that anyone else could repeat the experiment. A psychology lab report is a paper that describes an experiment organized and written according to the same format used in professional journal articles.

These are the essentials elements of a psychology lab report and what each should include. Lab Report Structure: the report before you can write a summary of it.) III.

Data Sheets: For each experiment, the lab manual has one or more data sheets for (For example, did an increase in a given measured (independent) variable result in an increase or.

Here are two examples of a lab report