Kazuo hirai as a leadership

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Story highlights Sony is shaking up the leadership structure of its US entertainment businesses Comes ahead of Howard Stringer's handover as chief executive to Kazuo Hirai. Sony is shaking up the leadership structure of its US entertainment businesses in preparation for Sir Howard Stringer's handover as chairman and chief executive to Kazuo Hirai. The reshuffle will hand more power to Michael Lynton, chairman and chief executive of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and to Nicole Seligman, the Japanese group's general counsel.

Kazuo hirai as a leadership

Kazuo hirai as a leadership

City reform has a long way to go 29 Jun "So these are cyclical businesses and we are glad that we have these different businesses, because one business may be up and another may be down. But at the end of the day they all make a contribution within the life-cycle of this business over many, many years.

They're never asked that question but we're put to the test every time. I'm not sure where that different standard is — Toshiba, for example, were never asked what's the relationship between nuclear power plants and consumer electronics. And Toyota, famous for cars but in Japan they're a group company that makes sewing machines and prefabricated housing.

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I rest my case your honour. So a lot of companies are in different businesses. Either way, that emotional connection is a cross Sony must bear, whether it likes it or not. In the electronics business people ask us all the time, where's your next Sony-esque product.

I don't know that you ever ask Panasonic where's your next Panasonic-y product, or Toshiba or Sharp. Hirai argues that again it is the diversity of Sony that equips it to compete. Even so, it's surely frustrating that Sony is on to its third-generation smartwatch, while Samsung's first gets all the publicity at IFA?

I don't know if that manifests itself as a reflection of how good or how bad the product is going to be.

It's just more visibility. Do I like the situation? Not really, but if you take the PlayStation business, every announcement we make gets huge amounts of publicity because we're in that leadership position.

And if you run a movie studio and make TVs, you can control what gets on to those TVs, for instance. I basically feel that some people will agree with the philosophy and the thinking and understand what we do, and some people will just not understand that that synergy is there.

So, just a recent example: Which basically means you get 4K content you can't get with a Samsung TV. Well, that's true but as far as Sony Pictures content is concerned, we get to decide whether we license content to Samsung, or Apple services if they come up with one or not.

That's a leverage point we have, and it's certainly an advantage for Sony 4K televisions.

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And the advantage of Sony being one hardware and content company is that we get to make that decision. We get to decide.

Samsung doesn't get to decide.

Kazuo hirai as a leadership

They come and ask for our permission, and if it makes business sense we say 'yes' and if it doesn't we say 'sorry, not this time'. We have a lot of different businesses that may or may not fit our business portfolio next year or the year after, even though they may be a great fit right now.

So it's a constant review process we go through. And we have to make those decisions accordingly based on where we see things as they stand and what the potential for their contribution going forward is, and the requirement to keep those businesses going.

And while in a business of Sony's scale that's often the case, Hirai takes the opposite view:Feb 01,  · Alex Wong/Getty Images Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai, who for years has been one of Sony's most recognizable faces, is stepping down from his position as company CEO.

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Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai (平井 一夫, Hirai Kazuo, born December 22, ) is a Japanese businessman who is chairman of Sony Corporation. He also serves as a board member of Sony Interactive Entertainment and chairman and co-CEO of Sony r-bridal.comtion: Chairman, Sony Corporation.

Sony president and CEO Kazuo Hirai steps down. as well as the unwavering leadership qualities required to manage Sony’s diverse array of businesses, and as such is the ideal person to drive.

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