Kevin mullens fhtm business presentation

American dream or pyramid scheme? Kimberly Asper of Missoula, Mont. She soon realized it was all about "signing people up.

Kevin mullens fhtm business presentation

Copy of the full law suit can be downloaded here. Interested persons can follow the development of the law suit at Justia Dockets and Filings. Jason Baker, who was identified to me at FHTM as general counsel for the company was not immediately available for comment.

He says cease and desist lawsuits are now settled. Without new recruits, it would seem doubtful that the company can stay in business. At the heart of the lawsuit is the issue that all networkers need to understand. For a company to stand legal scrutiny, distributors associates, IBOs, IRs, representatives, whatever cannot in any way shape or form be compensated for recruiting other distributors.

The law suit makes this allegation that could, in fact, be made against many MLM companies: To obtain the required three customer points, new IRs are encouraged to merely purchase Fortune products and services themselves, rather than attempt to sell them to outsiders.

I am actually shocked at how many companies would probably fail that test if the true numbers were known. And, I am then further concerned as to how many distributors have no idea that the company is then vulnerable.

In the alternative, the enterprise consisted of Fortune, which is controlled by defendants Paul C. Orberson, Jeff Orberson, Thomas A.

kevin mullens fhtm business presentation

In the alternative, the Fortune Pyramid is an enterprise, in that it is an association in fact of all defendants and others which, although not gathered under any legal entity, operates the illegal pyramid scheme to draw new investors to Fortune.

The defendants engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity by participating in a scheme and artifice to defraud in violation of the mail and wire fraud statutes, 18 U.

If this line of argument stands, distributors who plan on succeeding and achieving top leadership status had better be sure that the company they represent can stand rigorous legal scrutiny for reasons other than it makes good business sense — they can end up being sued or even going to jail along with the principles of the company!

kevin mullens fhtm business presentation

I welcome informed and thoughtful comments below.Fraud Files on FHTM Uploaded by joe Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is one of hundreds of multilevel marketing companies that operate in the U.S through a combination of clever lawyering (“Let me show you how to set up your MLM so i.

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The pyramid scheme is fraudulent because it requires the payment by participants of money to defendant Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. ("Fortune"), in return for which participants receive (1) the right to sell products and (2) the right to receive in return for recruiting other participants into the program rewards which are unrelated to sale of 1/5.

Mar 13,  · Platinum Sales Manager and Ring of Honor member Kevin Mullens shares why you should get to an Academy of Excellence near you, and why he never misses an FHTM convention.

Category Education. The criminogenic organization known as 'Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing' is an 'Amway' copy-cat.

i.e. 'FHTM' is the reality-inverting label over the entrance to yet another self-perpetuating 'MLM business . (You can also run to Barnes and Noble and stick your business card in every copy on the shelf!)6) All the business presentation videos are being redone, but only two are finished and available for purchase.

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