Looking for crdedible sources

This means that the sources you reference need to be credible and authoritative. How do you know that your sources are of value? Ask yourself the following questions: Where was the source published?

Looking for crdedible sources

To find out whether or not a source is credible, you must evaluate the source. In addition to answering the questions found in the What Makes a Source Credible section, you should also look closely at what the author is actually saying in the article.

Read through the article and answer these questions about the content of the article to evaluate whether or not you think this article is a valid, credible source.

Looking at Looking for crdedible sources validity of the argument being made in the source is an important part of credibility because even if the source meets all of the criteria in the AuthorityAccuracyCurrencyCoverageand Objectivity sections, if the argument being made is not valid, not convincing, or poorly constructed, then the source itself is not credible.

A guide to information credibility in a “post-truth” world

Who is the intended audience who would be the typical reader of the article? Use the About Us section to learn more about the publication and see who might be a typical audience member.

Looking for crdedible sources

Does the author successfully reach this audience? What is the genre of the argumentative essay letter to the editor, magazine article, scientific report etc. How does the genre of the piece contribute to or detract from the claim s the author is making?

List all the evidence that you can identify that the author uses to support his argument. What are the main types of evidence statistics, personal opinion, interviews, etc.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Why do you feel the writer has chosen to use these sources? Is the evidence convincing for most of the audience? Identify and explain counterarguments the people who disagree with the author's point of view.

Does the author prove why the counterarguments are incorrect? If no counterarguments are included, why do you think the author chose not to include them Examine and discuss the rhetorical devices that the author uses such as illustrations and examples, the tone of the paper emotional, detached, impassioned, matter-of-fact etc.

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What, if any, logical fallacies are there in this article? How do these fallacies, if present, affect the author's argument? Do they make it weaker or stronger? Do the fallacies make the article seem more or less credible?

Finally, state whether or not the argument was convincing to you and tell why or why not. Now that you're familiar with what makes a source credible, go to the Tutorial to practice determining credibility.The CRAP Test, developed by Molly Beestrum, is a helpful tool to use when trying to decide if a website is a credible, valid source.

The CRAP Test looks at four major areas: currency, reliability, authority and Video Duration: 6 min. · Preserving non-renewable energy sources is undoubtedly a worthy cause, and minimizing humans' impact on the ecosystem, in general, is certainly the most prudent course to take.

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Please note: newspaper articles will take days before they appear in the databases so if you’re looking for an article just published that day, you might have to check back later.

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