Rhinos work

It is a magical place. Bottle-feeding baby rhinos was simply amazing.

Rhinos work

Here is a list of our trusted and recommended volunteer programmes to get involved with: Due to the drastic increase of rhino poaching in the surrounding areas Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary has become the biggest rhino orphanage and sanctuary in the world.

The volunteer programme is a paid for experience and the money is used for Rhinos work, food, fencing and rangers for security. Duties include preparing and distributing food and milk, creating enrichments for the animals, constructing, repairing and cleaning enclosures and more.

Educational lectures are also offered. HESC offers people the opportunity to care for cheetahs, learn about rescued rhinos at HESC and attend Rhinos work lectures on topics such as conservation, animal identification, plants and ecology, survival etc. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to visit numerous places of interest and attractions in the area, including the Kruger National Park.

Rhinos work

This is a paid for experience. Mutogomeli is a rhino guardian project based in the Limpopo Province.

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There is a swimming pool at camp and a Boma fire-pit area where volunteers and coordinators can enjoy a braai together. Base camp is fully equipped with hot water and electricity.

Volunteers, along with the team, are expected to wake early every day to head out into the remote bushveld and complete the objective of tracking, monitoring and protecting a small population of Wild Rhino, reporting their whereabouts and safety. Monitoring rhino behaviour and interactions. Learn to track using Radio-telemetry and GPS technology Learn to recognise priority specie individuals through their tracks and signs.

Assist and learn about anti-poaching protection procedures. Learn about management planning and population structures through information collected. This is a paid for volunteer programme and proceeds go towards funding the conservation of rhinos.

Originally cattle ranchers and farmers, the Travers also had a great passion for wildlife and conservation, which led to the establishment of Imire as a wildlife sanctuary. In Imire was granted custodianship of seven orphaned black rhino calves during a surge in rhino poaching in the Zambezi Valley.

These black rhino were the start of their world-renowned black rhino-breeding programme, in which Imire has successfully reintroduced 11 rhino back into the wild.

This programme is focused on the protection and care of five black and two white rhino and four elephants. Volunteers undertake hands-on work with these amazing animals and gain experience in game park management, anti-poaching and wildlife monitoring. Volunteers also get involved with community development and education projects, teaching local communities and children about the importance of preserving wildlife and the environment.

This is a paid for volunteer programme in which the proceeds go towards the conservation and community projects.Rhinos can have one horn or two, and and they live in parts of Africa and Asia where many species are endangered.

Facts About Rhinos.

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The FDA has seen Rhino 5 Plus to include undeclared drug ingredients.3/5. In response to the global crisis in rhino conservation, the International Rhino Foundation protects particularly threatened rhino populations in the wild, while also supporting applied research that can help to improve the chances for long-term survival of all rhino species.

Working With Rhinos offer animal lovers from all over the world the opportunity to help save some of the most beautiful and near extinct animals in africa.

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