Stanford mba essays matters most you

He is a gold medalist in his academic endeavors and has always excelled in life. Early-on as a student, the attitude of excelling in academic and extra-curricular activities was cultivated and brought in a sense of achievement. I have been a meritorious student right from school and undergraduate engineering years to the M. My final year score during the engineering degree is a benchmark — as yet uncrossed.

Stanford mba essays matters most you

At the beginning of the semester, he posed this question as one of the most important that a company has to answer: Only those companies that truly prioritize the three succeed. Real core values indicate whose interest comes first when faced with difficult trade-offs.

Stanford MBA Essay Questions

It will be an accounting of the major trade-offs you have made, personally and professionally, and why you made them.

In some instances, you unknowingly prioritize the wrong thing, and you learn from it. These misguided choices can be great fodder for your Stanford essay, too.

An Example Perhaps an example from my own life would help. For many years, I have wanted to work in media, specifically journalism. It has always been a passion of mine: So, when it came time to choose my summer internship during business school, I sought a corporate finance job in the media industry in hopes of figuring out a new business model to save the old and decaying industry of journalism.

This required moving to a city with the highest concentration of media and journalism companies: I loved the internship to be sure, and I felt passionate about what I was doing.

But I was never that keen on living in New York, as none of the people I really cared about lived nearby. So, after a summer away from my closest friends and family, I learned that I wanted to live in Chicago after graduation, even though it would mean taking a job outside of the media industry, which is heavily concentrated in New York City.

Perhaps, then, what is most important to me is having a strong network of support close to me. But it was a misguided choice to prioritize the industry I work in over the people that live near me. Making the choice to live in Chicago after graduation came at a real cost — namely not being able to work at the best companies in my first-choice industry — but it was worth it to me because it is more important to be near a strong support network of friends and family.

So, I always push applicants who are answering this question to talk not only about the choices they have made, whether they were right or wrong, and why they have made them, but also what those choices cost them.

What opportunities did they miss out on in order to prioritize what was most important to them?

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What did they have to give up? What things are you not? How would you have been spending your time, energy, and capital? Do you live in a studio apartment so you can afford to travel one a month?

Did you lose touch with a friend because you launched a website and spent all your time trying to make sure it succeeded? Focus on the Why.

Stanford mba essays matters most you

The motives for why you made those tough choices — those choices with real costs — are what Stanford is interested in learning about. Perhaps you live in that studio so you can travel once a month because your parents taught you that worldly exposure is the most important value.

Or, perhaps you lost touch with your friends to launch that website because you were dedicated to learning how to code for the first time — and learning new skills is the most important thing to you. Tell a story, and make it emotional happy, sad, funny, or anything in between. The writing should be much more personal and casual than a traditional MBA essay.

Talking about what you gave up, if you truly cared about giving it up, will almost assuredly force genuine emotion into the writing.

Many applicants make the mistake of making this essay about what they have accomplished, and claiming those accomplishments often tied together by some central theme as most important to them.

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Why Stanford loves this question. Great leaders are often self-aware, know what is important to them, and drive to it at all costs. Steve Jobs is a well-known example of this — a leader who was so singularly focused on one thing that he was willing to sacrifice social acceptance before he became a tech idol and what people thought of him, a cost that many of us would not be willing to pay.Stanford MBA Essay Sample 1: What matters most to you, and why?

Consistent excellence in all my pursuits, professional or personal, matters the most to me. As a child I drew inspiration from my father who never settled for anything less than “The Best of .

Stanford mba essays matters most you

Stanford wants to know what matters most to you, and so should you. Matt Symonds His MBA admissions workshops have been attended by more than 80, business school hopefuls around the .

Sample Stanford MBA Essay On What Matters Most To You And Why; Exemplifying Our MBA Essay Writing and Editing Expertise Since Stanford Graduate School of Business Sample Essay What Matters Most to You and Why?

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Essay A: What matters most to you, and why? For this essay, we would like you to: Do some deep self-examination, so you can genuinely illustrate who you are and how you came to be the person you are.

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