Tax deduction dissertation

For accounting purposes such costs are generally capitalised as leasehold improvements Lessons learnt from history: The concept of cheating the taxman has been around since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Tax evasion and punishment methods in ancient times, specifically in Egypt, Greece and Rome,

Tax deduction dissertation

Rick, Tax deduction dissertation sole proprietor of an adult entertainment club, is audited by the IRS. On the third day of the field audit, the regular IRS agent is accompanied by a special agent. Should Rick be concerned by this new development? Since Tracy disagrees with the result, her next step is to go to court.

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Can a taxpayer start the 3-year statute of limitations on additional assessments by the IRS by filing his income tax return early i. Can the period be shortened by filing late i. Brayden files his Federal income tax return by April 15, but does not pay the tax.

Although he expects to pay interest on the large amount of tax he still owes, he feels that the timely filing has avoided any penalties. Melinda has been referred to you by one of your clients.


In the past, she has prepared her own income tax returns, but she has become overwhelmed by the increased complexity of the tax law. Consequently, Melinda wants you to prepare her return for calendar year In reviewing her return, you note that she has claimed as a deduction the entire cost of a business building that should have been capitalized and depreciated.

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What course of action should you follow? She sees no reason to include it in her income for several reasons. First, the amount won will not be reported to the IRS. Second, as an average income employee, she is unlikely to be audited by the IRS.

Third, she feels that she has probably lost this much in other past office pools.

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How do you respond? Under what conditions is it permissible, from an ethical standpoint, for a CPA firm to outsource tax return preparation to a third party? In terms of revenue neutrality, comment on a tax cut enacted by Congress that:The Lincoln Institute's C.

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Tax deduction dissertation

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Steps to Reform • Cash flow tax: 1. Replace depreciation with immediate expensing 2. Eliminate net interest deductions (R) or tax net borrowing (R+F) • Destination based: 3.

Ignore foreign activities, as under a territorial tax.

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